Tangy, Juicy, Finger-Lickin’ Good Food

Spoil yourself with 100+ varieties of delightful dishes and delectable desserts. The 25+ food stalls at IFF bring the best, most popular dishes from North, South, East and West India to your platter.

And oh, did we mention that more than half of the most popular food options are vegetarian and the dishes still taste like the best food on the planet!

The Indian Food Festival is every foodie’s heaven! Come savor diverse cuisines and divine delicacies this summer!

Bollywood Fever, Funky Flashmobs & Unlimited Music

There is something for everyone. Celebrate diversity and have a good time making new friends, dancing to the beats of live music, headbanging and flowing in the dynamics, exploring new cultures or just chilling with a drink – all your choice!

Be who you are, eat what you like and do what you want. You come here to relax, unwind and be free!

Yoga, Choreography, Kidzone & Some More Fun

Let life flow through you. What’s better than doing Yoga in a park? What’s more energizing than dancing to magnetic music? What’s more fun than participating in a live Bollywood choreography workshop? All this for free? Heck, yeah! This is how we have fun at IFF! And if you’re a parent, you sure are looking for ways to keep your kiddos busy and entertained. And..there sure are ways to channelize their bubbling energies. There’d be Jumping Castles, Treasure Hunt, Block Painting, Face Painting, Coloring Workshops, Gaming zones, and many more activities to keep the juniors interested throughout the day.