make your own earrings

make your own earrings

Date:- 08/20/22
Time:- 3:00pm (All workshops are for duration for 60 Minutes)

Date:- 08/21/22
Time:- 12:30pm & 2:00pm (All workshops are for duration for 60 Minutes)

Spot registration available at the information desk at venue.


Making your own earrings is a perfect way to add some flair to your jewelry box or to create a thoughtful gift for a close friend. To make your own earrings, all you need is a few items from a craft store and the desire to express your creative side. If you want to make earrings that will dazzle everyone in sight, just register yourselves for this workshop.
Registration for the Workshop will be done at Information Desk
Duration of each workshop is 60 mins

Cost for the workshop will be 12euros/person

Payment to be done at Registration desk